365 Days of Happiness – December 12, 2017

Imagine sticking a spoon of honey into your mouth. Close your eyes and taste its sweetness. Feel this!

You just shifted to BE and live in a “high for life “ frequency of sweetness!

To claim and fold into your sweet self often in your new day, consciously focus on all the sweetness in and around you:

Sweetness in your smile, people’s faces and children smiles
Sweetness in loving interactions with yourself and others
Sweetness in flowers, nature sounds, smells, music, colors, animals
Sweetness in foods, desserts and drinks entering your body
Sweetness is in everything and everyone around you that initiates a shift to thinking and feeling “sweetness”


Use sweet words in all conversations and make sweet compliments.

Play around and be creative in thinking, tasting, smelling, hearing, saying, seeing and feeling “sweetness”.

This will connect you to your own sweetness, because experiencing any sweetness means you shift to BE and live in your “high for life” sweet self.

365 Days of Happiness – December 11, 2017

Imagine you are meeting your NOW for a cup of tea and chit-chat. Both of you are excited to catch up.

You ask your NOW “How is it going?” And your NOW says “It is going well.” Your NOW ask you, “How are you?” You say “It could be better, my PAST keeps me busy with stuff that is too old for me and my FUTURE keeps me busy with stuff that is too new right now.” Your NOW says, “ Well, come live with me, I AM always right HERE, which means I will keep you busy with stuff that is right NOW.”

Go live with your NOW, and observe yourself in your NOW! Because if you are thinking about what was, you are closed off to your now. And if you are thinking about what will be, you are too occupied to be in your now. And in your NOW is the only time where you can make healthy changes for you.

So ask yourself, how do you feel in your NOW? How do you react in your NOW? Through what beliefs are you experiencing your NOW? Are you in your “high for life” energy right now? And then make fitting changes in your now.

For example:

Shift your thoughts from “I am not beautiful and enough,” to “I am beautiful and enough.” From “I hate this, to I love this.”

Shift your feelings and reactions from sadness to gratitude and from anger to peace.

Shift yourself from not feeling good, to BE and live in your “high for life” frequency with focusing on all spectacular in your awareness.

Your NOW represents new opportunities for you to enjoy new amazing experiences, and with that, create your next now.

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 9, 2017

“You matter!!!”

Because you are an important part of this physical life and time.

Without you, a lot of things and happenings would not be. They would all be missing, and make this physical life and time incomplete.

And not only do YOU matter, all parts of you matter!

Your love matters!
Your light matters!
Your happiness matters!
You feeling good matters!
Your thoughts matter!
Your actions matter!
Your words matter!
Your smile matters!
Your kindness matters!

Everything you are and do matters infinitely. Which means you being happy and feeling good matters infinitely.

I can not tell you enough how important you are, how huge your impact on everything is and how much power you have because you matter infinitely.

In this new day of yours, realize how much you matter!

And then go, live your new day by choosing to matter, with being happy and feeling good. Because if you are happy, an important part of the world is happy.

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 8, 2017

A great script makes a great movie! And a great movie is a great experience. And a great experience is great happiness!

Imagine you writing a script for you life. You naturally write a great script, because you want a great life, so you have a great experience, and great happiness.

So lets start…

Script how you want your life to be.
Script how happy you want to be and feel.
Script a “high for life” version of everything you want to change.

Stick with “high for life” images and refrain from writing anything about problems or negativity.

Your script is a pure “high for life” script!

When you script, visualize and feel, see, hear, taste, smell and think it all very vividly.

Doing so shifts you to BE and live in your desired “high for life” frequency of your script.

Then go on in your new day, feel and visualize you being and living in your “high for life” script often.

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 7, 2017

Imagine you are running or speed walking in nature. You are all energized and happy to be moving so fast and energetic. But then you see a colorful bird. Decisions decisions… Because if you keep running or speed walking, you won’t be able to watch the bird, but you get to your finish line fast and on time. And if you slow down for a bit, you get to watch this colorful bird, but you will get to your finish line slower and not on time.

One will make sure the focus is on the goal, but does not really nourish your being on the way with happenings that ARE for you to experience. That means you are not fully open to receive spontaneously. And with that you are not creating as vividly as you could.

The other delays the goal, nourishes your being on the way and is fully open to receive spontaneous opportunities and happenings to create new experiences vividly.

Now you might say, I can’t really always slow down or delay all my goals. And that is a fair thought.

But even if you can only slow down and delay your goal for one minute per hour while you are awake, that means you slowed down about 16 minutes in your new day. And in 16 minutes you can easily watch that colorful bird flying spontaneously into your awareness to co-create magic with you.

Slowing down means you create and experience unplanned magic!

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 6, 2017

Imagine a person laughing so hard, tears are rolling down his/her cheeks. And even if that person tried, she/he can’t stop laughing anymore. Now notice everyone and everything around that laughing person, and how everyone and everything starts to laugh too. By now, all you see is laughing.

See, hear, taste, smell, think and feel how everyone and everything around that laughing person shifts to BE and live in a happy energy.

Laughing carries an energy of happiness, joy, silliness, playfulness and fun. When you laugh, you immediately shift to BE and live in that “high for life” frequency. And with that, you shift everything and everyone around you too. Because everything is connected and shares energies.

Now let say you are not laughing, but you say something and make someone else laugh. Them laughing, automatically shift them to BE and live in that “high for life” frequency. And even though you are not laughing, they share this happy energy with you, which immediately shifts you there too, given you are open and wish to receive.

And if you choose to make laughing your default reaction, no matter what comes your way, your experience of it will be through your happy lenses. And you shift whatever is happening to BE and live in that “high for life” frequency.

That means no matter if good or not so good, you get a chance to react to everything while being in a state of thinking the best of everything.

So go BE a professional laugher in your new day!