17 Easy Things You Can Do To Become A More Spiritual Person

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Thanks BESTLIFEONLINE for including excerpts and ideas of my book 365 Days of Happiness in this amazing and “so well” put together article. I hope it inspires you to BE more spiritual and have fun living it 🙂

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Make a Wish List!

A spiritual wish list doesn’t contain Amazon goodies and concert tickets. Rather, it should include items that foster “self-love, self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-appreciation, and self-gratitude,” writes Jacqueline Pirtle, a spiritual life coach, in her book 365 Days of Happiness: Because Happiness is a Piece of Cake! If you’re still not sure what to put on your list, Pirtle suggests to start with things like “I wish for me to treat myself like my own best friend,” and “I wish for me to relax and spend time in quiet and peace.” In other words, think about “the energy of desires, wishes, hopes, happiness, gifts, dreams, and feel-good intentions.”


The Most Common New Year’s Resolution Mistakes and How to Fix Them!

I had a sweet opportunity to have a voice in this article 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!
Mistake: The resolution comes from a negative place:
Jacqueline Pirtle, life coach, mindfulness and happiness coach, and author, says that she most often sees people making the mistake of keeping resolutions focused on one negative thing. “Usually the chosen resolution is because someone feels bad or guilty about something,” Pirtle said. “Nothing in this choice says ‘I want to, because it feels good to do so.’ That’s not a very good start to begin with.”

Embrace A Positive Mindset This Year With These 6 Tactics

We asked happiness experts to share their best hacks for going into the new year with a positive outlook.

Make positive thinking a priority!

“How do we go about reframing out mindset into a positive one? By making positive thinking a priority above all else. When you understand that nothing ever happens to you but always for you; that everything and everyone in your awareness is always a gift meant for you to experience, your perspective immediately changes from “negative and closed” to “positive and open.”

Sure, sometimes the gift is less visible but if you look closely you will find the gift—even in your pain.” ~Jacqueline Pirtle, mindfulness & happiness coach

Embrace A Positive Mindset This Year With These 6 Tactics