15 Weird Things That Might Be Causing Your Sudden Weight Gain – Jacqueline Pirtle Quoted

1. Stress
When you’re stressed, you look for more comfort foods rather than something healthy for you like a green smoothie or a salad. So, when people dive in for those sugary foods, that’s when we can see weight gain.
Jacqueline Pirtle, a happiness coach and author of 365 Days of Happiness, says “Having an out-of-whack relationship with food… Everything and everyone is energy and always connected with each other through these energies — sharing at all times. You are energy and so is your food. Connecting with your food before it enters your body means that you are connecting with its energy and gaining the most out of that exchange; the result being, you need less food.”
Check out the whole article it is fabulous…
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Strong Runner Chicks September Self-Care Calendar – 365 Days Of Happiness

Strong Runner Chicks posted a wonderful September Self-Care Calendar that was partly inspired by 365 Days of Happiness 🙂
…Fall is almost here and with that we have the September self-care calendar ready for you to digest, read, and reflect upon. I got many of the ideas for this month’s calendar from the book 365 Days of Happiness by Jacqueline Pirtle. Each day there is a simple practice or reflection to add a little more happiness into your life or others.
Go check it out, and more importantly follow it 🙂
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How To Grateful-away Your Pain… And Maybe Even Fall In Love With It!

Pain is part of everyone’s everyday life. We all know it like an old friend — we go way back. Most people hate their pain, want it to go away, and never return.

That is a big mistake!

Pain is a powerful alarm from your physical body, accompanied by an important message — that you are not in alignment with who you really are. Your pain is a clearly telling you “Hey, you are messing up by not taking good care of yourself. It’s time to make self-love and your wellbeing your highest priority!”

Acknowledging your pain this way turns it into a gift, a chance, and an opportunity to gain new wisdom about yourself — which you then can follow and shift back to BE and live your truth and joy.

Your physical pain brings you closer to YOU! How fantastic is that?

Here are 3 tips to gratefully honor and celebrate your pain so it can be released naturally: Continue reading “How To Grateful-away Your Pain… And Maybe Even Fall In Love With It!”