…Imagine that you are a bee, living your new day, jumping from happiness to happiness. Every jump you take, some happiness sticks on your being; like pollen on the bee. It adds up, resulting in you getting happier and happier…

  • I guide and support women and children in all possible life situations
  • My individualized life healing sessions awaken your true inner being and your happiness. You will learn to heal and understand yourself, and you get a taste of how it feels when you shift to BE and live in a “high for life” frequency of your happiness. You will not want to leave it anymore!
  • I base my work on your willingness to want to feel good, to want to be happy, and for you to take full responsibility of your life.
  • Long Distance Life Healing Session 30 minutes $75
  • Long Distance Life Healing Session 1 hour $150
  • In-Person Life Healing Session 1.5 hours $225


I am available for workshops, lectures, and events.

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