365 Days of Happiness – April 5, 2017

“But why?” That is a popular and very delicate question. Because on one hand it can bring you further when things are not working out. You ask the why to find out the what so you can change it. Wonderful use, because you shift yourself from unhappy to happy, which means you shift to living from your heart. On the other hand, if you have an inspiration, idea, wish or dream and ask “But why?”, it will automatically stop your flow or momentum for that amazing thought you just had. You were happy, living from your heart and just put a stop to it. Because you did not trust your hearts desire, but rather shifted to running your old programming of “I have to understand the why!” Choose your why wisely. If you are unhappy, ask the why so you can shift to being happy. If you are happy, don’t mind the why and just keep flowing with your happiness, which comes straight from your heart, and that is your conscious, which is pure you! And that is where magic is happening ❤❤❤

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