365 Days of Happiness – June 12, 2017

Joy, joyous, joyously, joyousness, joyful. Be joy-filled! And jump for joy!

The word joy vibrates in a frequency of happiness and bliss. So naturally if you say, think, hear or see the word “joy”, it will shift you to its frequency of happiness and bliss. So be open and ready to receive!

Feel what happens when you close your eyes and say or think “joy” or “I am joyful!” Isn’t it wonderful? Do this as often as you like in your day, to shift yourself quickly into this “high for life” frequency.

Also, say the word “joy” to others and see them bliss up. “You are so joyous” or “You are pure joy”… Watch for sparkles in their eyes and know that their joy will spread back to you. Just as your joy spreads to everything and everyone around you.

Make joy happen today, with creating joy through things you like. Music, chocolate, tea, friends, family, food…

And not to forget, notice all the joy in others and everything around you. It is there, I promise you.

Have a joy-lishious day today!

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