365 Days of Happiness – September 19, 2017

BE clear about your personal “high for life” frequency!

Ask yourself the following questions, and visualize your answers:

  • How do I feel in my “high for life” frequency?
  • How do I see everything in my “high for life” frequency?
  • How do I hear everything in my “high for life” frequency?
  • How do I taste and smell everything in my “high for life” frequency?
  • How do I think in my “high for life” frequency?
  • How much do I love myself in my “high for life” frequency?
  • How kind am I to others in my “high for life” frequency?
  • How happy am I in my “high for life” frequency?
  • How much do I enjoy my life in my “high for life” frequency?

I promise you, that with rehearsing this, you will experience a true and deep shift into your personal “high for life” frequency. And clarity is guaranteed!

365 Days of Happiness – September 18, 2017

Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating. Everything is connected.

We and everything there is, are all vibrating energy. And together, we all live in this beautiful ocean of vibrating energy, our universe.

You and me, no matter where you are, we are both vibrating energy, and we are both connected.

Every thought, emotion, action and word we create, are all vibrating energy. And since nothing is ever separate, and everything is always connected, the effect is always towards the whole universe.

Which means that rock and tree, train and car, biting insect, butterfly, raindrop, feather, boring book, beautiful song, tough situation, mean people and loving animals you encounter, are all vibrating energy, living in this beautiful ocean of vibrating energy. Just like you.

Try to see, hear, taste, smell, feel and think of everything as the same vibrating energy as yourself. Try to realize that “same-ness” and deep connection of yourself and everything!

And see what happens.

365 Days of Happiness – September 16, 2017

Everything has multiple sides!

Multiple sides to see, hear, taste, smell, feel and think of. And naturally one side always feels better than the others. Which clears up any questions you might have as to which side to choose. Always choose the best feeling one!

Here is a little story….

I drove by a beautiful meadow that was filled with all different wild flowers, grass and weeds mixed together. My first thought and feeling was “This is magically beautiful!” This view, and how it made me feel shifted my day into beauty. Very powerful!

Next time I drove by, I had to stop because the light changed to red. That created a little time for me to look at this meadow a bit closer. I saw that there was also lots of dead and un-pretty growth in between all these beautiful wild flowers and grass. Focusing on the un-pretty gave me a completely different feeling than last time I looked at this meadow. And clearly it was not a better feeling.

So right then and there I had a choice.

Do I keep seeing the beautiful meadow as a whole, and focus on how amazing this magical sight makes me feel? Or do I now only see the dead and un-pretty, and focus on how “not amazing” this makes me feel? I think you probably can guess which side I chose…

All sides always exist. And it is absolutely necessary to acknowledge them all with acceptance, respect, gratitude and love. Because all sides as a whole, make every experience rich and potent.

But after acknowledging it all, go do it your “high for life” way!

Use your power to choose…

What do you choose to see and focus on? How do you choose to feel? What do you choose to hear, taste and smell? How do you choose to think? And what do you choose to root for, and with that create more of?

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make is a “choosing” day!

365 Days of Happiness – September 15, 2017

Let’s be…

  • Obnoxiously happy!
  • Obnoxiously positive!
  • Obnoxiously smily!
  • Obnoxiously self-loving!
  • Obnoxiously perky!
  • Obnoxiously nice!
  • Obnoxiously magical!
  • Obnoxiously… Fill in the blank with your “high for life” word!

You know why?

Because that is how I rewrote my old, dusty and non fitting recording and believe, I was running on.

The situation was, I had a commitment to go to. But every cell in me strongly did not agree with wanting to go. We all know how that feels. Of course, the not-agreeing were my old recordings and believes I was running on. So I decided that I might as well be obnoxiously happy while tackling this situation. And guess what, it worked. I had a blast, everyone with me had a blast, and time flew obnoxiously fast! Most of all, I felt great afterwards, filled with obnoxious happiness, and new happy recordings overriding my old, dusty and non fitting ones.

Freedom and happiness created!

So join me and let’s obnoxiously enjoy our new day today!

365 Days of Happiness – September 14, 2017

Everything is ONE!

I want to give you an example that makes this very clear…

Picture me sitting on my ever so magically comfy sofa, writing my daily “365 Days of Happiness” blog on my phone, with my helper kitty Leo on my lap. What a wonderful sight, right?

With the only exception that I am frantically and forcefully using my fingers to scroll down all the way to the bottom of my ever so long note of all “365 Days of Happiness” blogs. Which makes my whole body shake from side to side.

Now that is nothing out of the ordinary for me, since I am the one swiping and determined to get to the bottom so I can write. But for my helper kitty Leo on my lap it means that he is shaken from side to side as well, while he is trying to meditate us both into a magical consciousness.

This is very disruptive for him, which means it impacts me as well, because he can’t help me if I am moving like that. And he clearly does not like it, which adds disliking energy to our time being together. Not a very “high for life” frequency at all.

The reason why my way of swiping impacts him, and his “not liking it” impacts me, is because naturally we are all connected. But there is more… The moment he jumped up on my lap, we also became “one” with our energies, bodies and minds.

Noticing this, my swiping got real gentle and loving. I stopped shaking, which enabled him to be still and happy. That meant he could do what he is so good at doing, and I got to enjoy his help. All was “high for life” again.

So, stay true to yourself and do all your “feel good” doing, but be mindful of how you do it, and how everything and everyone else is impacted through your doing.

We are all connected and we are all one!

365 Days of Happiness – September 13, 2017

All those little messages and signs!

Yesterday I got reminded again to really hear, see, smell, taste, think and feel all these little messages that are given in every moment. Messages and signs, that when consciously noticed are exactly what is needed to feel good and better.

So here it goes…

I am at the UPS store dropping off a package. All business is done. So I ask “Am I good?” And the answer I got was “You are always good!” Everything in me stopped and every cell of mine filled up with that powerful message. Then I replied “Yes, I am always good. And so are you! You are always super! Thank you!” Smiles and gratitude were exchanged. I left UPS a package lighter, and super charged with the powerful energy of knowing that “I am always good”. How cool is that!

I am urging you to pay attention and notice all these little messages and signs that are there for you in every moment, to make your new day one of a kind, to shift you to a better place and to heal your bright light to happiness.

365 Days of Happiness – September 12, 2017

Make space for your truth!

First step: Love it all! Think of everything that is in your awareness, especially what or who is giving you unease, and think or say “I love you!” Love the ground, the walls, the air, all people and all issues. Feel your immense love for all, without getting into what or who is right or wrong. If this is hard, keep practicing and fake it until you make it. It will get easier. Doing so lets go of all resistance in you, and activates the biggest power you possess, which is your love. Think of it as acknowledging the unfitting, and then painting over it with your powerful love. Paint job well done!

Next: Through that resistance free space of loving all, in your imagination, move everyone that stands in your way of experiencing a spectacular time out of your way, and clear them into their own far land. Remember, this only happens in your imagination and mind. Nobody gets hurt and nobody will ever know how you dealt with it. Get this step done without leaving your all-loving space, and without your emotional involvement or focus on them. This is a cleaning out act, not a solving issue exercise.

And finally: Welcome, in your all-loving, resistance free space. Cleaned of everyone non fitting. It is now time to grow and widen your energy and space with believing in yourself. Take some time to rattle down a huge list of all you believe in yourself. And then proudly march forward to your own magnificent rhythm that is so abundant and joyous for you.

Remember, stay joyous and have some fun with this!

365 Days of Happiness – September 11, 2017

Watch the most spectacular movie ever!

Imagine this…

You get yourself something nice to drink. A hot tea or a glass of wine might be fitting. You pair it with some delicious food. You prepare your comfy sofa with fluffy pillows and a soft blanket. You light a candle and snuggle up. You might even put on your vivid 3D glasses. You are beyond excited to observe this breathtaking movie that is about to play for you.

You hit play…

The opening picture is a stunning nature scenery, accompanied by breathtaking music. And then, the title appears…

“The Story of Your Phenomenal Life”


Please, sit back and enjoy being the observer of all you have accomplished, experienced, overcome, created and enjoyed. All you have seen, heard, felt, thought, smelled and tasted. And all you haven been, and all you are now.

Watch this best ever movie with admiration for the main character, and celebrate yourself infinitely.

You have done amazing and you are remarkable. Just watch your movie!

365 Days of Happiness – September 9, 2017

What do you see?

Yesterday I had a great “walk down the memory lane” with my husband. We talked about our relocation and arrival in Italy a few years back. Our first short-term furnished apartment was overlooking Europe’s biggest open air market. Located in a dangerous part of town, as we were told. Coming from New York City, that made us chuckle.

So then we arrived… And all we could see was the beauty of all these different fresh red tomatoes. All we could hear was the amazing-ness of all these people having a great time yelling about their merchandise. All we could feel was this incredibly alive and busy energy of this gigantic market, right outside of our window. All we could think was “Wow!”

We felt it amazing to wake up at 5 am with the noise of the market being prepared. And we were fascinated by watching the clean up after the market closed early afternoon. By late afternoon everything was finished, until the next morning. The huge market space turned into a huge open space, where people parked their cars, walked, hung out and kids played soccer. Most important though, we never encountered any danger and our wallets never got picked. We had the most amazing experience there.

Then we had visitors. And even though they loved the experience of visiting Italy, all they could see was the trash, the mess, the noise, the chaos, and the danger. You can probably guess that their wallets got stolen and they encountered dangerous moments.

What was our bliss, was their non-bliss. Where we saw beautiful fresh red tomatoes, they saw rotten tomatoes. All in the same place and all in the same time, with both fresh and rotten existing. But depending on our personal perceptions, the experience was completely different.

So, what do you see everywhere?

Fresh tomatoes or rotten tomatoes? Because that determines your experience.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a fresh red tomato day!

365 Days of Happiness – September 8, 2017

Take a break!

Love yourself in a big way and take a break from hurrying, worrying, stressing, negative-ing and all non fitting.

And in that break, breathe, see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel through your heart.

You will notice that you don’t have to hurry, because there is always enough time for everything. You don’t have to worry, because all is always supported, trust in that! You will also notice that you don’t have to stress about anything, because there is nothing ever important enough to stress about. You don’t have to negative-ing, because nothing is ever born negative in the first place, everything always just IS. And you don’t have to live in the non fitting, because you can always change everything into fitting.

So, celebrate yourself big time and take your heart-break! You deserve it!