365 Days of Happiness update!

Today IS my last public post of the 365 Days of Happiness blogs.

But don’t worry, my book is coming out soon… Get it and keep enjoying and growing your happiness!

And there will be new and exciting happiness creations coming from me to you!

Thank you for being here with me!

I love you all 

Your Jacqueline

365 Days of Happiness – December 30, 2017

Imagine you are walking on a path along the side of a beautiful and adventurous river. Suddenly there is an empty luxurious boat filled with love, beauty, abundance, positivity, happiness, colors, joy and health pulling right up next to you.

The boat is is inviting you to jump on and take over the steering, as a captain. It tells you that this is actually your luxurious, “high for life” frequency boat, and as long as you are on it, you will feel the truth of who you really are. Which is a being of love, light, happiness and joy.

The deal is sweet, because you can jump on and stay on that boat as long as you want, and get off whenever you want. All up to you, you are in charge and control!

In this imagination…

The river represents your beautiful and adventurous physical life. The path represents your comfort zone. And the luxurious “high for life” frequency boat represents a way you could float through your life.

You pause and think:

I can either walk on the path, along the side of my beautiful and adventurous physical life and experience it through my comfort zone.

Or I can hop on this luxurious “high for life” frequency boat, and float right down the middle in my beautiful and adventurous physical life. Which is not in my comfort zone, and could get a bit wild, unknown and foreign.

Would you even have to think about it?
Would you jump on that boat?
Would you stay on it for long, or dock again to walk on your comfort path?
And what would you do, to absolutely never have to leave that “high for life” frequency way of being and living?

Go take that jump!

That IS happiness!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a “high for life” feeling day!

365 Days of Happiness – December 29, 2017

Imagine an action movie, without the action!

It would be boring and it would not be an action movie. Because without action it would not have the exciting tension and would not be interesting and entertaining like an action movie. And it would not give you the experiences as an action movie. Action makes the movie be an action movie.

Now think of your conflicts in your life as that action.

Without conflicts it would be boring and it would not be your real life movie. Because without conflicts, your life movie would not have the exciting tension and would not be interesting and entertaining like your life movie can be. And you would not have the experiences that they create for you. Conflicts make the movie of your life a real life experience.

Conflicts are your invitation to grow into your authentic self, to learn what feels good and not good for you, what is YOU and what is not YOU.

In your new day, welcome your conflicts for the gift they are for you.

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 28, 2017

You are a natural in sharing!

Because you share your energies with everything and everyone all the time, and over and over. You ARE actually a trained sharer!

So does and is everyone and everything too. Because we are all energy, connected and with that share our energies with everything and everyone at all times.

Sharing goodness shifts you to a deep connectedness in your heart with whom you share, and with what you share.

Sharing goodness also pulls you, what you share and whom you share with, to BE and live in the “high for life” frequency of the heart.

And since you share your energy all the time, if you are conscious about that fact, you can actually BE and live in your “high for life” frequency of you heart all the time. Given that what you share is of “high for life” nature.

So what goodness could you consciously share today?

A smile, a hug, a compliment, kindness, compassion, appreciation, respect, gratitude, laughter and happiness, your time, your thoughts and feelings, your heart and love, your listening ear and wise words, your lunch, a treat, a story or joke, your success and knowledge, clothing, a blanket, your home and car, money, or help in any way?

The fabulous news with sharing goodness is that it is OK to overshare!

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 27, 2017

Stand proud and make it happen!

Waiting for everyone to understand what you want, and give you what you want, the way you want it, while treating you you as you want to be treated is a real gamble.

And it may or may not work or happen.

But for sure it is giving your power away. And no matter the outcome, your experience is very muted, because it was not you that made it all happen for you.

So take charge and stand up for what you want!
Go create and take what you want!
And make room for what you want!
Make yourself visible, heard, outspoken, felt and thought of.
Be the most powerful advocate for yourself and what you want.

And then go make it happen in your new day!

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 26, 2017

Imagine you are making your delicious “life-smoothie” for your new day!

What feelings, colors, activities, foods, drinks and energies do you desire to create a fabulous new day?

Love? Fun, joy, happiness? Success, power, abundance? Peace? Sweetness?

Red, blue, yellow, green?

Reading? Bubble Bath? Sauna? Exercise? Music, dancing?Meditating? Sleep?

Water, tea? Veggies, salad? Meat, fish? Bread? Cheese? Desert?

Think in detail about what feels good for your new day and imagine putting it all into your “life-smoothie” blender. And then enthusiastically hit the blend button. When all mixed and smooth, drink and fill yourself with this perfect “life-smoothie” you just created for yourself. Feel your shift to BE and live in your desired “high for life” frequency for your new day.

Plus the word smoothie carries the energy of soft, comfort, treat, sunshine, creative, healthy and happy. Imagining your “life-smoothie” shifts you to BE and live in the “high for life” frequency of a smoothie, on top of all the feel good desires you put into your “life smoothie”.

And know that just as you might like a different food-smoothie depending on your day, you also desire a different life-smoothie every new day.

So imagine this every morning and set your tone for your new day!

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 23, 2017

Pick a person, famous or non famous, which inspires and really impresses you. Someone you think highly and the world of.

Now, if I ask you to tell me why you think so highly of that person, you would reflect on their whole person, lives, happenings and doings. You would list all they have accomplished and experienced so far and base your admiration on all of that.

I want you to do the same for yourself. Reflect on your whole being, life, happenings and doings. And I want you to make a mental list of all you have accomplished and experienced so far.

I know that you will create a long, wonderful and impressive list of all the many small, big to huge things that you made possible and experienced so far. And I also know that your list of reflection on your whole being will be of magnificence.

You will remember all your amazing-ness!

And you will feel inspired, proud, amazed and impressed by it all.

Which means you are amazed, inspired, impressed and proud of YOURSELF.

So celebrate yourself for all that WAS, IS and yet to COME for you, all made possible by YOU.

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 22, 2017

Imagine your own perfect “high for life” path. Picture it as you like. Big or small, through a meadow, a city, forest or at the beach.

Now soak your path with all different energies you love. Happy, playful, healthy, loving, peaceful, active or adventurous.

Make it perfect for you and feel the path you are choosing and creating!

When you have your perfect path finished, see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel yourself entering your path. Start walking it. If you must, skip or run on it.

Feel your shift to BE and live in that “high for life” frequency of your perfect path!

That path IS your new day.

And now that you know how good being in your new day can feel, stay walking on your perfect “high for life” path all day long.

If you happen to wonder off your perfect path, simply visualize your perfect “high for life” path, imagine getting back on it, and start walking it again.

The way to tell that you wondered off, is if you start feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and thinking anything less than what you created your path with, in your imagination.

You are now a “high for life” path owner, keep it clean and happy!

This IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 21, 2017

Imagine you are at a cafe getting yourself a cup of coffee or tea. With that you are putting a lot of hope out there!

Hope that the water is the perfect temperature to make a delicious cup for you.

Hope that the coffee or tea is of amazing quality to be a yummy cup for you.

Hope that the cup you are getting your beverage in is clean.

Hope that the milk they use is fresh, and the sugar is of perfect amount for you.

Hope that there is a nice seat for you available to sit and enjoy your cup.

Hope that there will be quiet and nice people sitting on the tables beside you.

Hope that this is a “high for life” experience for you.

Hope carries an energy of feel good wishes, dreams and desires being sent into consciousness. With the hope that they are fulfilled.

Every new comes with a lot of beautiful hope. And since every split second is always new and never was before, you are sending a constant stream of hope into consciousness, every split second.

Use all that hoping to your advantage and hope in a state of awareness.

That IS happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – December 20, 2017

Imagine a mountain!

Strong, unmovable, you can count on it to always BE there, a bit intimidating, majestic, beautiful, serious, you can lean on it and certainly don’t mess with it. A mountain is always in charge! Feel this!

This shifts you to BE and live in a strong “high for life” frequency. Which is very powerful when life is challenging, and you have the chance to BE a mountain with pulling through for yourself and being strong for others.

Here is a great example:

When my husband left for a business trip when my kids were little, they woke up the next morning and where pretty sad that he was gone.

It was absolutely wonderful, clear and brisk day that day. The view of the mountains was insanely beautiful. I told the kids that they need to come and see those mountains.

As we looked at them I said “See those strong, beautiful, big mountains? That is what I am for you guys right now, so lean on me.”

That shifted me to BE and live in this strong “high for life frequency. And they totally understood, smiled and shifted too.

In your new day, BE your mountain!

That IS happiness!