Anxiety and 365 Days of Happiness

Thank you @LifeThroughMyDarkBrownEyes for your open and honest words-I hope it will help many with anxiety to pick up a copy, to start reading, and to feel better ASAP.
Everyone deserves that!

Living with anxiety is never easy, but there are certain steps you can take to make managing your mental health a more positive experience. For example, some people find that therapy can help them to learn how to process their past experiences in alternative ways, and additionally, others find that natural remedies can help to boost their mood. If you are considering using natural remedies such as cannabis as part of your mental health toolkit, you can Click here to find out more.

Everyone is different, and so finding what works for you is absolutely fundamental.

…As you all know, I suffer from severe anxiety and am constantly looking for ways to help solve this. Jacqueline’s book is, therefore, the perfect fit.

…The book honestly helped me to take a different look at life.

…Reading the book, I realized that my life isn’t as bad as I sometimes think it is. Plus, with there being ways to manage it like using this Plus CBD oil coupon to buy CBD products online, lead a healthier lifestyle or do muscle relaxing exercises, this made me think that it is possible to cope with anxiety a lot better.

…So I’d like to thank Jacqueline for writing such a brilliant book and helping me realize that happiness can be found in the little things.

…This book can truly help you take a different look at life and live happier. Even during the bad days you might have, the little text can help you to take a more positive look.

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BookShine And ReadBows on 365 Days of Happiness

…Sometimes you are asked to repeat positive mantras to yourself, and other times you are asked to speak them aloud to animals, strangers or inanimate objects (I would recommend a modicum of caution here as this got me some funny looks when I tried it out on the bus!).

…Hence each section ends with the same words: ‘That IS happiness!’. Those familiar with self-help techniques such as mindfulness meditation and self-hypnosis…
… so that by day 365 you cannot help being a happier and more positive person than you were on day 1.

… If you are looking for short, easy to follow, daily mind exercises to promote positive mental attitude and a healthier way of approaching life, then this book is just what you need!

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The Best Ever!

Right now IS the best ever!


No matter the circumstances, there is always something right now that IS the “best ever!”


Feel that “best ever” with indulgence, focus, and determination—run with it!


Many split-seconds add up to BE a life-time and if you live your split-seconds as the “best ever” you live your life-time as the “best ever!”

Happy new “best ever”’split-second!


365 Days of Happiness ByLiil

365 Days of Happiness – Book Review!

Thanks LiiL for your kind review 🙂 I Am truly blessed and happy 🙂

…The cover of the book illustrates the content excellently. It is a delicious collection of guides on how to live a happier life.

…365 Days of Happiness is about learning to take charge of your happiness.
…you have the power to make yourself happy.

…The book has 365 different tasks, one for each day of the year, which will help you realise your happier life.

…task is so suitable for me I had to write it down and make sure I would adapt it into my everyday life.

…One of the best things about the book is how you can make your bad day just a little bit better by taking the book and finding your favourite task, or why not a new one.

…Jacqueline brings out well our connection to the earth and to everybody else and talks about nourishing our soles and bodies.

…Jacqueline has truly done a great job writing this book

…Jacqueline is so concentrated on helping people heal and be happy that she created a separate Self-Study Programme to accompany the book, the app.

365 Days Of Happiness (or how to make yourself happy)!

Thanks 365DaysOfWellbeing (love your name btw!) for your amazing insight of what my book shifted for you!

…The idea is you work through the book doing one practice a day. The teachings are short, easy to digest and don’t require any pre-planning so they’re really easy to do each morning and help set you up for the day.

…And this is where ‘365 days of happiness’ comes in…

…I’m generally a positive person by nature. However, I can spiral downwards when I’m tired; I eat bad food, avoid exercise and then feel miserable because I’m not looking after myself properly. It’s a chicken and egg situation and one I feel more motivated to change after reading ‘365 days of happiness’.

…6 lessons I learnt from reading ‘365 days of happiness’

…4. Pirtle also asks you to imagine yourself as a hotel owner and to think about how you would care for your guests, how you would check in with them and create an experience that they would enjoy. She asks that you recreate that experience for yourself. So check in with yourself and ask how you feel, what you need right now and how you can serve yourself better? This feels like the ulimate self-care and worth remembering for people who tend to put themselves last.

To read lesson 1-3 and 5-6, and her full review, you need to click the link and go read it!


Getting to Happy – 365 Days of Happiness Book Review – By DearQueens

Now that is a wonderful perspective! Thanks so much

…Jacqueline’s tagline is: Because happiness is a piece of cake. After all my attempts at pursuing it, I surely didn’t think it was that easy, but I knew the next 365 days would prove me otherwise; at least I hoped it would.

…fresh revelation slapped me right in the face. It wasn’t about the words in the book that helped me find my happiness, it was what the words implied: happiness is a choice.

…Jacqueline reminds readers of this with her daily inspirations for finding and identifying happiness.

…she also implores us toward introspection and challenges us to shift our perspective by focusing not only on the external satisfaction, but on the internal.

…Jacqueline encourages us all to pursue happiness

…shift our frequency to a level that allows us to operate as our fullest selves.

…Pursuing happiness is a constant choice, and this book reminds us of that with its daily calls-to-action. Do this. Smell that. Feel this. Imagine that. This daily manifesto reminds us…

…that happiness isn’t as far as it seems and that it’s simply through habit and perspective that we can find happiness.

…And knowing all of that, perhaps happiness really is a piece of cake.

Dear God Are We There Yet?

What a fun time chatting with Alicia from Dear God, Are we there yet? Thanks so much for having me 🙂

We talk about the name “FreakyHealer,” Law of Attraction and Intentional Deep-ness, 365 Days of Happiness, and about life, happiness, reasons, being superficial, and so much more 🙂