18 Books a 29 Year Old Woman Can Immensely Enjoy!

365 Days of Happiness is one of them 🙂

Thanks Fupping

How To Shift To BE And Live In Your “High-for-Life” Frequency!

Fill yourself to the brim – and into overflow – with wonderful-ness!

How long does it take you to fill every open gap of this criss-cross with happy experiences, feelings, thoughts, things, people, happenings—that ARE for you right now?

Give it a try! Ready, set, go!

Know that with doing so you just shifted your whole being – body, mind, soul, consciousness – to BE and live in your “high for life frequency”…

Feels phenomenal! Yes?

Now that you have the exercise, practice often—making being and living happy normal for you!

“Chatter-Box” Relationship With Your Food!

Talk to your food today!


What IS it saying?


Form a “chatter-box” relationship with all the food that you are eating!


Soon you will know which food-talks that you are enjoying, that make you feel wonderful, that ARE fitting for you, that ARE what you want to communicate with and about!


Those ARE the foods that you want to eat more and more…


…Until those ARE all that you eat—communicate with!


Oh how wonderful eating really IS!