365 Days of Happiness – Day 15

365 Days of Happiness- Day 15 ❤️❤️❤️

How ARE you in your “high for life” frequency

—BE clear! ✨

Are you reading and practicing my book or my daily posts of 365 Days of Happiness?

How is it going for you?

What does it do for you?

Do you have questions?

Feel free to message me! 💫

ABC 7 Chicago – Donna Bozzo – Tune In!

Tune in!

My book 365 Days of Happiness will be in the show with Donna Bozzo and Tanja Babich ABC7 on ABC 7 Chicago tomorrow – Tuesday – at 11am.

“And Baby it’s cold outside. Ready, set — don’t get blue. We’ll have some ways to beat the winter blues…”

I AM so excited for this!

Thanks Donna Bozzo… and thanks to all the marvelous people that make this show happen

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ABC 7 Chicago
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No-Name-Brand Podcast Hosting Jacqueline Pirtle

I am so honored to BE with No-Name-Brand Podcast which  led to a creation of phenomenal-ness! Thank you for having me and for creating this “wow-zines” introduction for me. Seriously, you have to listen to Sashka, she is magical, unique, spectacular, and mesmerizing.


Introducing Jacqueline Pirtle – A practicing energy healer, mindfulness and happiness coach, and bestselling author of 365 Days of Happiness. Her passion is to continuously study everything in the field of happiness, mindfulness, energy healing, and metaphysics to help her clients redefine what wellbeing-happiness is, and to teach them how to BE and live it-no matter their circumstances.


(08:28) Happiness is within you
(12:01) Seeking happiness is exhausting
(13:27) Do you love your body?
(17:01) Choosing the “Now-happy” moment
(20:17) How to feel good from the inside
(21:33) Being the happiest you can be

NBP90: The “High for Life” Frequency of Your Happiness with Jacqueline Pirtle



365 Days of Happiness – Day 13

365 Days of Happiness – Day 13 ❤️

Check in with yourself! 💫

Join millions practicing to be and live happier—by reading and “doing” 365 Days Of Happiness ❤️

I wish that for you ✨