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Jacqueline’s second book founded on the premise that everything is energy, and the way to live peacefully and happily in the world is to recognize that premise is as chock full of good reminders and nuggets of wisdom as her first, this time around, not just for being in the world, but for being a parent. Parents will find it so useful and relieving to learn, or remember, that the parent/child relationship is an ever changing student/teacher relationship, with each partner taking turns in the two roles. Letting go of resistance to moving back and forth from teacher to student through each and every stage of parenting, from conception to passing, is the key to a fulfilling and meaningful relationship between parent and child. Another incredibly powerful tool Jacqueline provides her readers is to recognize that at the same time our children are mirrors for us, they are also individual soul-beings who demand, rightfully, to be who they are meant to be, and that our job is to let them! She invites parents to stop holding on to anything that doesn’t serve us or our relationships with our children. Jacqueline reminds us that yes, parenting can be joyful, fun, sweet and colorful, just like lollipops! ~ Review on Goodreads

Jacqueline Pirtle’s “Parenting through the eyes of lollipops” is a lovely guide for every parent, expecting or already enjoying the journey of parenthood, to better understanding and navigating their relationship with their child. Jacqueline’s method of teaching will not only make this book extremely easy and joyful to read, but will also open up new avenues of perception of your relationship with your little loved ones. Immerse yourself in the beautiful, spiritual, witty, love-filled adventure to becoming a co-creator of joy together with your child, it’s absolutely the best gift you could offer yourself and your loved ones! – Review on amazon

Jacqueline Pirtle never ceases to amaze me with her imagery of life. Things I’ve never thought about such as smelling the air or even licking a lollipop would be senseless to me. That’s what I love about Jacqueline’s books she has a way of getting the reader to actually “sense and feel” not only what they’re reading but life in general. As she states, EVERYTHING has energy attached to it, we just have to settle down long enough to listen to it. This book was a joy to read and I know every parent would love to hear her wisdom and guidance on bringing lollipops to the table of disagreement and let’s just take a lick and talk. Whether you’re thinking about having kids, already have them or if your children are grown. Jacqueline has a chapter for each stage of life – never before was there a book that was given to parents before and after having a child. Well, here it is – all you have to do is order it! ~ Review on amazon

I was luck enough to get an advance copy of Jacqueline Pirtle’s new book and boy was I glad I did! I loved the positivity of her first book 365 Days of Happiness and this one had a similar feel. But the wisdom and the joy as well as the truth of just how difficult this most important job of parenting is, really shines through this book. It’s one to go back to again and again. I have also ordered one as a gift for some new parents just starting this miraculous and very spiritual journey of parenthood. ~ Review on amazon