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is carrying both my books—Parenting Through the Eyes Of Lollipops and 365 Days of Happiness


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Top 28 Holistic Gifts To Make Christmas In 2019 One To Remember

It’s that time of the year…
To think of wonderful gifts to give…
Check out this great list––365 Days of Happiness is on it 🙂
Thanks Giftbee for including my book!

Welcome Home Happiness – A Journey with the Book 365 Days of Happiness

…Now, my journey with Jacqueline Pirtle’s book is far from over but the notable improvements that this book helps me to recognize is a life improvement that I didn’t believe was possible.

…By using 365 Days of Happiness, I am slowly training my brain to a new ‘usual’. My new normal is more positive or as the book suggests a happy way of living. Each day’s mindful task, exercise or thought stays with me through my day. It’s my sword against negativity and my best means of defense while I work to train myself to this positive way.

…This is one of those books that has the ability to touch those who read it. It’s meant to be a friend to your daily life and it sure did come to my aid over the few months it’s been by my side. It’s not a book to just read, its one to practice. With an opened mind and personal effort, this book can be the start of bringing you to that happy place you’ve been looking for.

…In more ways than one the book catchy slogan, “because happiness is a piece of cake” means so much. While at the start the phrase seems impossible it doesn’t stay that way. 365 Days of Happiness makes that very big promise something anyone can grasp. With the progress I have made since beginning my reading, I too can confirm that happiness can be a ‘piece of cake’ with the daily reminders from 365 Days of Happiness.

Thanks so much for reviewing my book!

Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops

Thrilled and beyond! My brand-new book just went live!

Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops

Do you wish that you could enjoy parenthood more?
Have you ever wondered what deeper meaning there is to being a Mom or Dad?

In Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops Jacqueline Pirtle, a mom herself, carries you through the experience of parenthood by making spiritual and energetic sense of real physical-life parenting scenarios—while, as her highest priority, keeping children’s perspectives in mind.

This book opens new doors for you to dive into parenthood with fresh zest, plenty of fun, and infinite love for yourself and for your children by teaching you these 3 important pillars to better parenting:

The Harmonious Dance
It Is Never The Child
The Love Cycle of Parenthood

This profound parent-life wisdom can be utilized immediately, so you too can experience a spectacular time with your children, including teenagers, ASAP.
No matter if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle, or just a lover of life, Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops will inspire you to dig deeper into the enjoyment of being alive and being a Mother or Father.

Get ready, this book will leave you with a sweet tooth that is endlessly craving well-feeling parenting and life moments every day!

Get your copy today, enjoy, and please leave your review asap, as this supports this book’s cause––to BE happier parents and have happier kids.

E-book coming… just around the corner 🙂

The most incredible creations happen when a beautiful team pulls together! Thank you for your dedication to make this book tangible. I give my appreciation to Zoe Mina Pirtle for her editorial mastery; Mitch Pirtle for his editorial and layout love; Kingwood Creations – premade book cover design for their fun and polished book cover design; Lionel Madiou for an amazing photo shoot; and @ alejandrojiimenezofficial (IG) for his mastery in creating my hair design.

I also would like to give a huge “Thank You!” to everyone and everything who urged me to write the next book, to all who are always supporting me, and to KelseyButts Book Publicity Services for her impeccable promotion of 365 Days of Happiness and Parenting Through The Eyes Of Lollipops.

And last but not least, thanks to all the lollipops out there––I love you to no end.

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