365 Days of Happiness – January 9, 2017

Take 3 minutes multiple times today, and do something for yourself that touches and opens your heart, that creates happiness for you. It can be listening to a song you love, closing your eyes and thinking about a place or person you love, drinking a tea and breathing in the yummy flavour, watching a bird soar high, anything that touches your heart. Do this multiple times a day and feel the happy change it brings.

365 Days of Happiness – January 7, 2017

Setting an intention right now on how your day (or the rest of your day) is going to be, is happiness. Saying “My day is a fabulous one and I am super happy” is creating your happiness today and every day. Set your intention and feel how amazing that is, visualize it too. And then consciously go on in your fabulous day… Enjoy!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it a sunny day and practice happiness!

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365 Days of Happiness – January 3, 2017

Finding happiness in “being” is key today. Being here, being alive, breathing right now and being able to see, hear, feel and experience what is now. “How do I feel right now?” is an important question today. And depending on how you feel, pull yourself back into the happiness of just “being”. No plans, no goals, happenings and excitements needed, just happy to be. I am happy!

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