365 Days of Happiness – April 18, 2016

How much “play” can you find today?

“Play” is everywhere around us naturally, and everything that is play is automatically experienced as playful. Playful is a feeling that is vibrating as an energy in an elevated frequency. The more you can be in that elevated frequency the more delicious your life gets.

Look for balls, toys, playing children and animals, birds playfully flying in the wind. Playful music, colors, foods, drinks, playful clothing, playful smiles…

Consciously watch “play” take place everywhere and feel what it is for you! Then imagine filling every single cell of yours with your personal feeling of playfulness.

Seeing, hearing, tasting, thinking and doing “play” makes you feel playful. Because hanging out with “play” makes you all “play” and playful.

365 Days of Happiness – April 17, 2017

Start a truthful and honest relationship with your jealousy and accept what it is telling you!

Your jealousy is personal. You can’t share jealousy with others. If you are jealous, you can’t make someone else jealous too. But if you are angry, sad or happy, you can make someone else angry, sad or happy too. Jealousy is not shareable.

Your jealousy is your pure truth and insight into what you want and need to do for yourself to be happy. Your jealousy brings you closest to your clarity of what you desire.

So if you are stuck and don’t know what you want, just find what you are jealous for. Because what you are jealous for is what you want.

As an exercise, take a minute and feel what you are jealous for right now. Really feel your jealousies. Indulge and bathe in them, because they are your guides to your desires.

If you catch yourself being jealous, don’t judge yourself or others. Actually thank the person, situation or thing for mirroring you your jealousy. Then accept the truth and guidance your jealousy is gifting you, and take action to follow your desires.

This is jealousy felt and celebrated as an energy that vibrates in a high frequency!

Happy jealous-ing!

365 Days of Happiness – April 15, 2017

Bless and love your water today! Water has the property of flow. Being in the flow means you are resistance free. And without resistance you can vibrate in a high frequency of love, light, joy and happiness.

We are up to 65% made of water. The amount of water in the brain is 73%, the lungs are 83%, muscles and kidneys are 79%, the skin is 64%, and the bones are around 31%. Being of so much water, we naturally have a high property of flow.

To strengthen your natural flow, think about all your water in you, visualize and feel it flowing through your body. Now infuse it with saying or thinking “I love you!” Enjoy this feeling!

Also drink plenty of water today. Bless it before it enters your body. A way to do that is to look at the water first, feel its flow and then have a loving chat with it. For example say “I love you and thank you for filling me with flow and happiness!” Then drink it and consciously feel how this water fills every single cell of your body with flow and happiness.

Go swimming and play with water. Watch water. Wash your dishes and feel the water on your hands.

Basically see, think, hear and feel the flow of water consciously everywhere. Doing so will shift you to your natural state of flow, because hanging out with flow shifts you to flow.

Blessing your water strengthens what you already are. A naturally flowing water-being made of energy 😊

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Have fun practicing happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – April 14, 2017

Everyone has wishes, dreams and desires!

Holding them hidden suppresses a huge part of you and creates resistance, because in your heart you know what your wish, dream and desire is. You might be able to put it in the backseat in your mind, but in your heart it stays upfront, to keep you true to yourself. That unbalance can show up as unease in your physical body.

On the contrary, constantly focusing and sending your wishes, dreams and desires out into the universe will pull you into your elevated frequency of truthfulness, gratefulness, hope, trust, excitement, happiness and love. Because that is what your wishes, dreams and desires are made of.

So let’s send them out!

Imagine a super sized balloon that you get to fill with all your wishes, dreams and desires. Think, say, feel and visualize them all and fill your huge balloon of your chosen color. Open up your flood gate and keep filling like you can’t stop wishing, dreaming and desiring ever again. Wish for your personal desires, wish for other people’s desires you know of. And wish for earth’s so desperate desire of peace, hope, trust, kindness, love, healing and happiness… Fill your super balloon to the brim! Feel this!

Then with a smile, tie it and let it fly high up into the sky. Knowing with excitement that once it is at the perfect height, it will pop and shower you and the whole world in your wishes, dreams and desires.

Think about it, you are showering yourself and the world with truth, gratefulness, hope, trust, excitement, happiness and love.

And imagine what happens, if we all fill our balloons once a day, let them fly and pop. We elevate the energy of the world and create a shift to a high frequency of love and light in everything.

All it takes is your full balloon and your openness to show the world your wishes, dreams and desires!

I promise you, you will inspire others to fill and pop their balloons too.

365 Days of Happiness – April 13, 2017

Start a close, loving and nurturing relationship with your sadness.

Imagine that everyone has a love tank. It is where you store your love for yourself, for others, for your life and for everything. That love tank naturally changes its level, flowing up and down in harmony. Of course up high and into the overflow is the most elevated state you can be in.

Your sadness is a true indicator that your love tank is low or maybe even empty. Think that your sadness is like the gas meter in your car, it is reminding you that it is time to refill again.

The first step to refill is to respond to your sadness with acceptance, respect, thankfulness and love. Say or think to your sadness “I accept you as my reminder, I respect you as my “love-tank meter”, I thank you for watching over me and I love you to the moon and back.” That pulls your sadness closer to you and shifts your relationship with your sadness from “being sad is wrong” to “being sad is a healthy part of me.”

The next step is to have a conversation with your sadness and ask what you need. Listen with your heart wide open, your sadness always knows. Is it a nice cup of tea, a healing hug, yoga and meditation, a walk in nature, a comforting meal, a trip to the massage-beauty salon, a festive outing or a vacation that you are in need of? Or would serving others fill your love tank?

Follow what your sadness is guiding you to do, because that is how you are filling your love tank up high. Don’t hold back and let it overflow! The most magical experience is when you bathe in your love and shower everything and everyone around you with your overflow.

Sadness reminds you to be more gentle, carrying, patient and loving to yourself and everything around you. Believing that changes sadness into an energy that vibrates in a high frequency and that is where all the magic is.

365 Days of Happiness – April 12, 2017

Don’t take everything so seriously! Seriously!

Coating everything that is happening with a certain lightness and playfulness insures that you stay resistance free and open to what opportunities come out of the created situation.

Sure, your first reaction can be anger, fear, shock or to be overwhelmed. That is OK!

Important is that you don’t stay in this first feeling, but rather make it your habit to give it a good laugh and then accept, respect, thank and love what IS. To do this say or think “l accept…”, “I respect…”, “I thank…”, “I love…” With your own words add the situation that is yours to experience.

Know that everything can change within seconds and everything IS as you see it.

Staying in a light and playful frequency really exercises your trust. Trust in yourself that you are capable and deserving. Trust that right now you are in the right and fitting situation in your journey. Trust that you are taken care off and that all is FOR you.

365 Days of Happiness – April 11, 2017

Start a powerful and respectful companionship with your anger!

A lot of times anger is not wanted or judged as bad. Which is not so at all. Anger is part of each one of us, just like happiness. And anger has its role for us.

To start this powerful companionship give your anger its deserved space in yourself. Imagine inviting your anger inside of you and showing it to its own perfect room in you. That room has a door that you or your anger can close or open at any time. If you take good care of yourself your anger hangs out “happily” inside its room, door closed. While your anger has no need to pop its head out of the room if you take great care of yourself, you can always open the door and have access to your anger if you want it. Your anger only takes initiative to open the door and come out if you overstep your boundaries. When that’s the case, ask your anger what just happened. Listen deep to your anger, it has all the information as to where your boundaries got overstepped and where you did not take good care of yourself.

Your anger also carries an unlimited strength and power, just think how fast and powerful you clean your house when you are angry. Anger is energy like everything else, it’s just a real forceful energy. And since anger is part of you, you are this forceful energy! You are infinite power!

Give your anger the respect it deserves! Your anger is your great personal reminder to take care of yourself, and it is your personal infinite force of energy. It is meant to be used for you only, but never to be acted out towards others. With doing so you just shifted from feeling anger as a low vibration to feeling anger as an energy that vibrates in a high frequency. Well done!

Come to respect and love your anger and enjoy this powerful companionship!

365 Days of Happiness – April 10, 2017

What amazing things will happen when you start a love affair with your Happiness! And I mean to really be smitten with your Happiness until you can’t take your thoughts off your Happiness anymore.

All it takes is a first date with your Happiness and then a commitment. Here is how it works… Consciously plan a wonderful time for yourself (tea time, yoga, meditation, a walk, a bath, really anything that you enjoy) and invite your Happiness. Be fully aware and present of meeting and falling in love with your Happiness. Feel this! Then make a commitment, to give your Happiness undivided attention and constantly nurture your love for your Happiness.

A great way to do that is to have conversations with your Happiness. Start when you open your eyes in the morning, “Good glorious morning my dear Happiness, how are you today and what magnificent happiness are we gonna create today?” Happiness replies to you every time, listen deep. And then start your day with the plans you made with your Happiness. Check in again at noon, “Hi my dear Happiness, how are we doing? Lost each other there for a moment and found each other again, awesome. What’s the plan for the afternoon?” Happiness always answers, listen deep. Next check-in is in the evening, “Welcome home Happiness, let’s relax and enjoy each other!” And the last conversation of the day is before you fall asleep, “My beautiful Happiness, I love you and I am the happiest woman/man in the world to have found you and have you by my side. Life is amazing with you.” This is just an example, converse freely with your Happiness, make it fit for you. Have fun with it!

Share this with your kids, ask them how their happiness is doing. They will love it!

365 Days of Happiness – April 8, 2017

Shake things up and do things differently. Instead of coffee have tea, instead of a sandwich have salad, instead of walking or driving your usual route take a new route, instead of wearing your usual clothing wear something that is in the back of your closet, instead of cleaning your house from front to back start at the back. Even try walking backwards for a bit instead of always forward. And do new things you have not done before, try new food, listen to new music, do a new exercise… Shaking up your routine will give you new experiences and with that you will shift the way you see, feel and hear things. Life becomes full of wonders and that makes it wonder-full. Enjoy your adventurous day!
Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it count ❤️

365 Days of Happiness – April 7, 2017

Imagination is your most personal and powerful happiness creator! Everyone has their unique imagination and you have access to it 24 hours a day. And it is free!

Today I invite you to infuse what comes into your awareness with your imagination and create your own magic all day long.

So here it goes… Let’s say you are out and about and you notice a flower, right there is your opportunity to imagine and create magic. Imagine you are a beautiful butterfly in a magnificent garden and you get to sit and sunbathe on this flower. Feel this splendidness!

Or you see a bird, imagine you are jumping on its back and go flying. Feel this adventure!

When you get yourself ready for the day, imagine you are a king or queen getting ready for a noble day. Feel this highness!

Watch the trash guys get your trash and imagine they just took all your toxic emotional luggage with them. Feel the lightness!

These are just some examples. Take what comes into your awareness today and imagine whatever comes to your mind. Play with your imagination, get all crazy with it and feel how everything turns into your personal happiness playground. Enjoy!