Dear God Are We There Yet?

What a fun time chatting with Alicia from Dear God, Are we there yet? Thanks so much for having me 🙂

We talk about the name “FreakyHealer,” Law of Attraction and Intentional Deep-ness, 365 Days of Happiness, and about life, happiness, reasons, being superficial, and so much more 🙂


Glow Life Podcast Hosting Jacqueline Pirtle – All About Happiness

Two Swiss ladies having a phenomenal talk about HAPPINESS!
It is live, go BE inspired  and share

-How to make happiness your superpower
-The connection happiness has with the mind, body, soul, and consciousness
-How letting go of expectations can help you accept, respect, appreciate, thank and love the challenges you go through
-Why things happen FOR you and not TO you
-How you can change your frequency, so you can live a happy life now

And so much more!

And there is a giveaway…

Thank you Martina Fink for having me


Awakening To Life Podcast with Patricia Raga-Young hosting Jacqueline Pirtle

I am soooo excited for this episode to go live! Patricia IS an amazing host and changes lives with her conversations on her podcast Awakening to Life.
Join us for a fun conversation on “What Does Happiness Do for You”  Patricia Raga-Young hosting Jacqueline Pirtle –>
In this episode you will learn:
-How to BE and live a resistance-free happiness
– How to create a healthy happiness environment in all of your components of your whole being
-And so much more–it will put a smile on you 🙂
Thank you for having me beautiful Patricia!

Marketing To Crush Your Competitors Podcast Is Hosting Jacqueline Pirtle

Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you Fabienne Raphaël for having me 🙂
We talk about HAPPINESS… and it is not just about smiling and dancing…
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Healthy Lifestyle For Overachieving Women Summit 2018

I AM so honored to BE a speaker at this event!

5 days, 30 expert speakers, and more actionable advice than you can shake a stick at.

The first Living a Healthy Lifestyle for Overachieving Women Summit will be a meeting of the minds to explore ways that busy, goal-oriented women like you can live a healthy lifestyle – despite everything that is competing for your time and attention.

We’re going to incorporate all of this into your already ridiculous life so you have the energy and tools to keep it up for years to come – no matter how many tedious meetings, toddler meltdowns, and friends’ destination weddings come your way.

Register for the FREE online Living a Healthy Lifestyle for Overachieving Women Summit here:

Summit starts 10/1 at 9am EST!