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…What it Means to BE a Woman is one of the most uplifting books I have owned. It is written for all women, whether they came in to the world as a woman or chose to be in later life.

…some of my favourite parts of the book:

Female Energy vs Masculine Energy: It is safe to say that this chapter changed my perception on feminism as a whole.

Why a Woman and not a Man? This was one of the chapters that has stuck with me the most since reading it.

You own two apartments – did you know that? This is my favourite chapter in the book.

Activate Yourself… Before reading this book, I never knew how much of my being I neglected.

Your trauma highlights what, exactly? One of the most beautiful ways I have looked at trauma in my life is because of what I read in this chapter.

Does your love want to spread or not? In this chapter, we are invited in meditation to feel complete love in our being.

…I would recommend this book to all the women in my life.

…I laughed at some things she said as if I were talking to a friend, and reflected on a lot of the rest.

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We are ONE heart beating and ONE love loving!

We are ONE heart beating and ONE love loving

Love, kindness, support, listening, understanding, personal evolution, willingness to learn and do better, and doing whatever it takes to be a good person is our responsibility.
It’s what we promised to do when we said yes to being alive, it’s what matters, it’s what heals, and it’s what life is all about—what we are all about.

We are ONE heart beating and ONE love loving


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Emma Newlyn Yoga – Bookreview!

Thanks Emma Newlyn Yoga for taking the time to read and review my newest book!

…If you’re anything like me, you may be a little resistant to a book that’s supposed to tell you ‘how to be a woman’, but in all honesty – couldn’t we all use guidance sometimes? In a world where we tend to primarily see the skinny, shiny, perfect and pouting versions of women, it’s refreshing to read a book that focuses on what’s actually happening on the inside, in the mind, soul and spirit of women.

….Jacqueline’s enthusiasm and excitement virtually jumps out of every page – so much so that I feel like I can actually hear her voice echoing; “We – women, men and everything in between – need to get out of our forgetful fog and into our remembering ways to recall who we really ARE and how everything really IS. We need to rewind back to the basics and the beginning where energy is all there is – equality is all there is!”…full of ways to work with it in order to feel empowered.

…If you’re not a woman, this is actually a really insightful book that shows just how much stress, pressure and trauma most women experience…

…take great inspiration from living life as a woman authentically and without fear.

Check out Emma’s amazing blog and work!

I Am Not Heard!

“I am not heard!”
There are many ways to deal with that situation, but to be honest, the most powerful and long-lasting way is to align, align, and align.
But either way know that, “I do indeed hear you loud and clear!”
And to all the “I can’t hear you…” people—you have physical ears, open them up, because even the tiniest voices are here to be heard.

Book Review From Anna Maria Polidori

Thanks Anna Maria Polidori for your kind review of my new book “What it Means to BE a Woman.” This review is even more special because it comes straight from Italy––a wonderful place that I called home for 4 years… Italy, you are always in my heart!

What it Means to BE a Woman–At This Moment in Time

And YES, Women do Poop! – as explained in my new book.

Welcome to my newest book about women! What a great subject for me to write about because for one I am a woman, two I am a happy woman, and three I love being a woman. Can it get any better? Yes, writing about being a woman made it even better for me because I learned quite a lot more about femininity along the way of creating this book, and I hope it does the same for you.

Right now we are at a crossroad, standing still as to where we will go, what will happen, and how everything will be after this incredibly tense – and packed with limitless opportunities for change – time is more balanced again. This crossroad is a wonderful gift because it slows everything down to make space and allow for time to recharge, shift, and accept inspirational alignment for our body, mind, soul, and consciousness to fit the realness of who we really are. 

The best thing is that we are forced to do this all in private, quarantined and each one for ourselves, and yet it is a deed that impacts all of us as one. That is just the way physical life is meant to live, each one of us for ourselves, but impacting all of us as one.

What does this mean for us women?