Perspective And Focus!

It’s all in the perspective and focus!


This is the same green hill, photos taken in the same circumstances and at the same time—yet so many ways to experience – see, hear, taste, smell, think of, and feel – it!


Life is that green hill—your perspective and focus in/on life matters!


Focusing on the far or near, on the dark or bright, on the openness or obstacles, on the beauty or the gunk, on colors or bland, on wideness or narrowness, on the sound of the bird or that he just pooped on you—your focus and perspective matters!




How do you see your life? How can you see it differently?


How do you taste and smell your life? How can you taste and smell it differently?


How do you hear your life? How can you hear it differently?


How do you think of your life? How can you think of it differently?


How do you feel your life? How can you feel it differently?


Walk your steps in your new possible day experiencing everything and everyone with/in the perspective and focus that feels “oh so deliciously sweet” to/for you!

LoveFromLisaBlog Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness!

…For me, this book highlighted that being happy everyday is not impossible, as you can always find ways to shift yourself from being unhappy, to happy.

…In this book Jacqueline Pirtle looks at happiness as having an affect on your whole being (body, mind, soul, and consciousness). It also details how your happiness has a ripple effect on how others behave, which are both ways that I’d never associated happiness with before.

…The book details that happiness is something that you have to choose, and it provides ways to do this every day.

…There were a lot of ways to practice happiness that really stood out to me in this book. One that I really loved was day 38, which was a reminder not to dwell on rejections, and instead see them as moments that weren’t meant to be, and that you will succeed when the time’s right.

…Another one was day 177, where the use of a remote control is used to change the course of your day into something that makes you look at things differently.

OkayNowBreathe Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness!

…Let me just start off by saying if you’re a negative, pessimistic person, you’re probably going to roll your eyes a lot in the beginning. I was at a low point when I started to read it, and I caught myself thinking, “You gotta be kidding me. Happiness is a piece of cake? Try telling that to people who suffer.”

…However, if you push through the first week’s worth of pages, your energy will shift and you’ll really start to see the benefits of practicing daily positivity. Your mood will become more stabilized, and when you start to shift into a negative headspace, you’ll be able to recognize it and steer yourself back to gratitude. Positivity is almost like a muscle, where it needs to be practiced consistently!

…What I love most about the book is Jacqueline Pirtle recognizes that all human emotions (including sadness, jealousy, anger, etc) are vital to our wellbeing.

Full review IS on goodreads!

Katie Yvonne Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness

NEW BOOK REVIEW! I AM happy and grateful as can BE!

Thanks Katie Yvonne for your insight!

…For the last few weeks, I have been starting my day by reading a daily page of 365 Days of Happiness by Jacqueline Pirtle. Jacqueline has a really uplifting way of writing these pages, they aren’t your usual ‘just be happy’ quotes, they put things into perspective. She gives amazing tips like consciously planning a good day for yourself and checking in with your happiness every few hours. 

…I love that this book has a page for every single day, Jacqueline’s way with words really puts my day off to a brilliant start. It’s really difficult not to feel inspired after reading your daily page. If you’re looking for a way to start your day off that doesn’t involve a screen blaring in your face then I 100% recommend Jacqueline’s book. I can’t wait to get through the whole year of pages.

Circumstances Do Not Matter!

Oh the joy when you spontaneously get invited to showcase your book, talk about happiness, and sell your book at an event—set up shop in the laundry room and illuminating it, proving that circumstances do not matter, energy does. 🧚🏻‍♀️

I looove what life offers me! ❤️

“I AM!”

A conscious “I AM!” works every single time!


Illuminating Books That Teach How to Develop Mindfulness – by Boove Books On The Move

365 Days of Happiness is on the list of illuminating books!
I agree! 

Not only because I wrote it and my full heart is in it…
Because it IS illuminating people all over the world––every single day!

I AM over the moon grateful and happy!
Thank you Boove – Books on the Move!

Available on amazon and here on this site under 365 Days of Happiness as paperback, kindle, app, and program.