What Really is Self Love and Why is it so Important?

Self love is important because when you love yourself, you also respect yourself, accept yourself, appreciate yourself, and thank yourself.

Self love is the mother essence of all well-feelings and an undeniable understanding and knowing that you are deserving, that you are supposed to BE here, and that you can give yourself permission to fully BE alive.That is why self love is infinitely important – it’s crucial.

Life IS Beautiful: Here’s to New Beginnings!

I want to ask you right now, in these crazy times:

Do you want to live a more beautiful life? 
Do you want to feel better, but you are not sure how to?

If these questions received a nice big “YES,” or even the tiniest tickle of interest, I have a surprise for you…  May I introduce:

I’m over the moon with excitement about showing you my newest book, Life IS Beautiful: Here’s to New Beginnings, because this book is really really special to me as it caught me off guard, actually really kinda snuck up on me, to write it. 

Most of the times I have the idea about a book for quite a while in my heart because my books align with my work as a holistic practitioner––woking with energy, consciousness, the quantum field, and all metaphysical stuff. I listen to my heart, write it in my mind first, and only after that does it go onto paper.

This one was different. There was no book-writing-planning in my mind; instead the inspiration just hit, leaving me no choice but to open up and write because that was the only well-feeling thing to do––and flowingly as can be, the words came easy-peasy.

After thinking about the why this came through me this way, I came to the conclusion that it’s  because the world is in a deep changing turmoil, people are lost and un-satisfied, and life seems not-beautiful at all to many. That was the reason for the urgency with this book!

So I think I took one for the team – or the world, if you will – to stand before you all proud and bold by saying “Life IS Beautiful” and by writing a book about said beauty––and how to actually really get to the feeling and the way of living that life is, indeed, beautiful. 

So what is this book all about?

It’s about the spiritual and energetic essence of you as a whole being and physical life itself. It is here to initiate the beauty and all that is beautiful, the pureness and holiness of everything and everyone, all new beginnings, new chances, and new ways to experience a meaningful and conscious physical life existence. 

With these written words you will travel down and go way beyond your memory lane––to open and touch your heart, and maybe even shed a healing tear or two. From this moment, you will walk in your life journey supported by your own true story. In beauty and as beautiful, and with the deep conviction that everything and everyone is beautiful too––even the bad and ugly in life, as we call it so mistakenly.

These realizations make for a powerful initiation to create and nourish your self-knowing and self-understanding––not to mention your true self-feeling and pure self-loving. Big words that are definitely something every human being is wishing for – and more – to feel throughout their physical lifetime. 

Oh, and grab a pen – and journal if you happen to read the ebook version – because I left you pages throughout the book to write your discoveries down… It sets the stage with journal style chapters, helping you to:

  • Create a beautiful life with my Six Steps to Live a Beautiful Life method
  • Recognize and change your beliefs and habits that keep you from living life as beautifully as you want to
  • Create a rock solid foundation of who you are through re-remembering and re-writing your own true story––one that is yours to tell
  • Lose yourself in your beautiful new you! Right NOW!

By the end of Life IS Beautiful: Here’s to New Beginnings, you’ll clearly understand your unstoppable spiritual, energetic, and physical power to change what you want to change. More phenomenally, you will align with your own superpower of your inner intelligence, to master the art of living a beautiful life. 

As a treat for celebration, I have an excerpt that hopefully gets you wonderfully excited for this book. I truly hope you enjoy this sneak peak as much as I loved writing it.

So here it goes, the excerpt:

Six Steps to Live a Beautiful Life

Living and experiencing the beauty of life is what’s on the main menu of being alive––it’s what you came here to do and chose to master. 

Does that mean there is only one way to live life? 

No, of course not! But it does mean that whatever you choose in your life and however you choose to live your life is representing your expectations and beliefs of what a beautiful life is––because you are the only one who sets the tone of what beautiful and beauty is for you. 

Notice the word choose, because even if not consciously, you are still choosing subconsciously. Either you choose consciously to take matters in your own hands and align with your beautiful life or you automatically live life as you have been conditioned and programmed––subconsciously.

It is always a choice and you are always in charge, and it can be changed as soon as you choose to take full responsibility for how you think, feel, see, hear, taste, smell, behave, and live your essence as a whole being in your physical life. 

If you are happy, then your choice of beauty is happiness. If you are suffering, then your choice of beauty is sufferance, but not to worry, because both – happiness and suffering – are energies and equally beautiful with endless beauty included; always changeable and shiftable. The only difference in the two is how you think and feel about them, and even that you can change at any time. So no matter your circumstances, the only question on point is, “Am I experiencing my life as beautiful?” and never, “Is what’s happening to me beautiful?”

If your answer is “Yes! I am having a beautiful blast!” keep living and striving for the experience of beauty and beautiful in everything that is there for you––the good, the bad, and the ugly. And certainly, continue the fantastic work of strengthening your senses and your connection to living even more high-for-life, since there is never a ceiling to how wonderful life can be. Enjoy the following Six Steps to Live a Beautiful Life, which will help you with that. Your alignment with beauty really suits you!

If your answer is “No!”––keep your socks on. I got you covered! The following Six Steps to Live a Beautiful Life, and what you learn about yourself in the process, will get you there. It will blow your mind how fast you grow your confidence into the ballpark of believing that your life is beautiful. To be honest, I can’t wait for you to watch in delight how heads will turn in admiration and how people will hunt you down, just to ask what magic you got going.

Are you ready to mold your life towards bliss? Then grab your pen and let’s go…

Look around and focus on all beauty. Soon enough, you will believe and know that Life IS indeed beautiful!

I invite you from the bottom of my heart to come celebrate my newest book-creation with me––to experience that Life IS Beautiful: Here’s to New Beginnings!


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Ever wondered about conscious parenting? I am beyond excited to chat with Martina about:

How kids aren’t just here to learn from us, but to be our teachers
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…I can always count on Jacqueline Pirtle‘s books to make me laugh, think differently, and get my energy aligned right.

…When I read what Jacqueline had to say about women POOPING. I was like YESSSSS!! Finally, someone is addressing the elephant in the room.

…There are so many chapters in this book that will fit any and EVERY WOMAN. No matter your background, color, size, or status, you’re bound to find yourself somewhere amongst these beautiful chapters of love, energy, mindfulness, and yes, POOPING!

Diffusing The Tension – Book Review

NEW Book Review! Thanks Diffusing the Tension for taking the time to read and review my newest book!

…This book answers the highly debated question: “What does it mean to be a woman?”

…I am really interested in gender politics and what my place is in 2020 as a woman, so this book was right up my alley. To be honest, when she contacted me for the review, I was skeptical when I read the title. I have very strong views about gender roles that I’m extremely passionate about (another topic for another day). So, I was worried that this book might not align with values that matter to me. I am so glad I was wrong!…

…I love the 6 truths she shares about being a woman. They really gave me a lot to think about.

Takeaway #1- You are more than your physical body
Takeaway #2- Life is a gift no matter what
Takeaway #3- Your purpose is to be happy
Takeaway #4- You can achieve your dreams!
Takeaway #5- If you want all good things, you have to ask!

…In short, I loved this book! I would sincerely recommend it to everyone who is looking to discover their purpose in a really challenging year.

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A Day In The Life Of Mom – Boy Mom Stories

NEW Book Review! Thanks BoyMomStories for taking the time to read and review 🙂

…Recently I had the privilege of reading a fantastic book called Parenting Through The Eyes of Lollipops.

…When I first read the synopsis I was a little leery because it seemed so different to how we parent. With having 2 adopted children and 2 bio children that are all so different I wondered if I would be able to utilize the information that was going to be presented.

…I loved how the book helps you to shift the focus from being in charge to the realization that you and your child need to work together to ensure a healthy and happy family.

…The Harmonious Dance: Reading this made me think about that parenting is like a dance. In the book it shows how this Harmonious Dance is a entwined dance between physical and spiritual.

…It’s Never The Child: One sentence that stood out to me in this area is ”Having to make mom and dad feel good is a heavy weight to carry.” This section also helps you look at reasons why a child may misbehaves and realize its not just because they want it there are underlying causes.

…The Love Cycle of Parenthood: With having 2 teenagers and a preteen this pillar really hit home to me This section helps you explore each age and phase of raising your child. It speaks on important growth aspect of love and nourishing yourself and your child.

…I feel the book is an excellent resource to any parent. Even if your parenting style is not the same there are so many ideas that there is something that can be beneficial to anyone.

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