Jacqueline’s work is an offering for clients to journey into the subconscious to bring more light into the conscious. It can bring up old experiences – past life, ancestral stories – and ideas, or limits, held in their physical container that are desiring to come up. Once surfaced, more clarity and intentional space allows clients to move through a life experience with more ease and more purpose.

Her work is always an energetic activation that moves you through a memory field, an alignment, deep into yourself—it calls you forth into a realignment and a refined re-calibration of establishing purpose, centeredness, freedom, sovereignty, and clarity. 

  • It activates the alignment of the electrical and energetic experience in your body. 
  • It balances the mind-body-experience. 
  • It brings things into real-time. 
  • It calls you into a space of refinement in your personal and spiritual development.
  • It is deeply active, yet very refined energetically with no separation between time and space.

Her work is very refined and with that is intentionally “moving” into the energetic field and then transferring said energy out into the physical realm. It is specified to the client’s needs and the energy knows how to support each and every person, each and every time. 

Although her work is very potent and powerful, and it can go very deep, it never can go past that point of the ability for the client to be ready at that time. Jacqueline cannot – and will not – push past that friction where contraction and change can happen for the client.

Jacqueline is knowing that this energy is even bigger than her. She is deeply honored to be able to cultivate it in a way that supports others.

In Jacqueline’s words :

“I always notice the huge energetic shift in my ability to tap into the quantum field which opens me up to experience and serve in different ways every single day. Things that were familiar, comfortable, and energetically easy to step into just yesterday, shift for me and pull me into creating something more expansive in my new “today”—that IS how energy works, constantly moving and changing. That is also how life works! 

As a teacher and mentor for others, I am fluent with stepping into something completely new and different at any time and with light-speed—past any old idea of limits. I share and spread in ways that allows people their freedom while supporting them to shift on their own terms.

My work is an experience of deep and great support, of infinite growth and expansion, and of the highest quality of calibration, for myself and for everyone that I support and serve. 

My intention is always to live from a new experience and to walk the walk, not just talk about it, and I do things radically different than even just yesterday. I know we are all new every day if we choose to believe.

My teachings are unique experiences, calling you into your highest potential in your NOW!”

To start our work together in the most fitting way possible, contact me for a short call here!


Here is what clients say:

What strikes me most about these sessions is that they are incredibly deep–but deceptively quick. Jacqueline takes you to your past and beyond and always goes directly to what you are ready to see or experience. One of these sessions can cover a lot of ground in a very short amount of time. I did not know you could experience so much, and add in all of the associated learnings with those experiences. I am eternally grateful for the gift of the information that these sessions provide.
It is liberating to face your own blocks and to be finally free of the weight that they have caused for many years. And while for me the changes I’m experiencing are noticeable and real, I still feel like myself. Just a more sure self.
“I gained wings!” I traveled into an event from my childhood as an onlooker, looking into it from the outside… I’m leaving the feeling of uncertainty, self doubt and hurt. “I’m not THAT anymore.” I am confident in my authenticity, feel free and light.
It’s like 6 months of therapy in less than an hour! I tend to be skeptical! The session shifts you through the mental journey into past events that were key in your current mindset/problem. Jacqueline’s guidance is so in-tune with what is happening mentally for you. I was able to look back at key events in my life that made me who I am. I gained insight in our first session that changed how I viewed myself and my actions, and it has stayed that way in the weeks since. I can confidently say that under one hour total, across the two sessions, I got as much benefit as I did in months of therapy.
I notice how I’ve been handling certain situations. Where I would normally overreact or feel really overwhelmed, I’ve been approaching situations with a more calm and centered approach. I notice I can let my thoughts BE and not feel attach to them. I feel parts of myself unfolding, parts that have been hidden and tucked away for awhile, parts from past traumas.